Announcing Snow White Cafe, Gem Cruncher, and An Unexpected Tavern!

Have you tried our three recent game apps for iOS and Android? Dive into addictive fantasy-themed strategy and management games with Snow White Cafe and An Unexpected Tavern, or test your mental agility with our addictive arcade puzzle game Gem Cruncher! All of them are FREE!

Snow White Cafe


Lend Snow White and the dwarves a hand as they run a brand new and fabulous royal cafe!

 IMG_0094 IMG_0101 IMG_0122

Train the dwarves, buy and upgrade stuff for the cafe and serve delicious food to famished royalty to earn fame and fortune! Play through several different challenges throughout the kingdom of Fairyland, and make Snow White Cafe the fairest of them all! Get it now on iTunes!

An Unexpected Tavern


Aid the halfling restaurateur Bobo Buttkins in his quest to recover a stolen special ingredient in this epic parody that will take you across all Midgaard!

 IMG_0485 IMG_0470 IMG_0490

Hire and level up a rag-tag band of helpers including the cheap conjurer known as the Great Gandolfi and the important dwarf Boring Larchbuckler! You must sate the voracious appetites of demanding fantasy characters including giant wolves, eagles, and elves. Visit 9 memorable locations in Midgaard including Gobbo Town and the Impaired Visibility Alpine Range. Build up the humble halfling’s catering into a legendary brand until you can regain the stolen secret ingredient to spice them all! Get it on Google Play and iTunes!
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Gem Cruncher


Put your game face on and take on electrifying challenges in Gem Cruncher, the latest gem craze. Test yourself with a series of puzzles that demand speed, wit and reflexes in this fast-paced arcade puzzle game.

 IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0124

Match gems in the colored grid and crunch them to earn combos and multipliers to boost your score. It’s simple, but surprisingly devious and addictive. Master the game to get the highest scores and dominate the leaderboards! Get it now on iTunes!

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